The fastest-growing Remote Patient Monitoring device Platform

100Plus is the fastest-growing remote patient monitoring platform empowering doctors to manage their chronic patients remotely and proactively engage them to avoid expensive, episodic care and drive a higher quality of life. When a Medicare patient receives a 100Plus medical device, it’s at no cost to the patient or practice, fully configured, and ready to use out of the box — no smartphone, app, Bluetooth, or WiFi required (standard Medicare co-pay may apply). Family Medicine Associates aims to reduce the likelihood of hospitalizations and improve patient care by continuously monitoring at-risk seniors across our population.

The only RPM provider with a complete end-to-end offering

100Plus is the fastest growing Remote Patient Monitoring provider because we are the only vendor who does all of the heavy lifting to get your remote patient monitoring program up and keep it on track. Our Complimentary Concierge™ handles your entire implementation and ongoing patient adherence – You just chart.

  • Facilitation of patient outreach, education, and enrollment
  • Device setup and shipping directly to your patients
  • Daily adherence to ensure patients are testing
  • Population Health Management Alerting for at-risk patients
  • Practitioner dashboard and templates to review patient data
  • Automatically bill generation for practitioner payment reconciliation
  • Full practice and patient support based in the US

The result is simple – more patients enrolled, which means your population is safer and your practice drives more revenue. That’s why 100Plus is the fastest growing remote patient monitoring vendor.

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100Plus empowers clinicians to provide remote patient monitoring devices at no cost to manage their chronic patients while earning $720 per patient per year in additional revenue.

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Whether you’re looking to offer RPM to your community or integrate RPM into your offering, we’ve got you covered.


100Plus enables you to share the benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring with your network and earn robust, recurring revenue by referring medical practitioners.

API Integration

Whether you’re a Telemedicine, CCM, or Electronic Health Record vendor, 100Plus is the fastest path to integrating RPM into your offering. Our API enables you to access patient demographic and billing data, patient device data, complete 99457 and 99458 monthly notes, and also empowers you to embed 100Plus’ screens into your native app for a unified practitioner experience.

Health Systems, ACOs, & FQHCs

If you manage a large system and have unique needs for your RPM program, we can help – from custom features to value-based care and grants, we are here to serve you.

General Business Development Inquires

Do you have something new and out of the box? We want to hear about it.

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