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CAP was established in 1975 by a group of California physicians concerned about the spiraling cost of medical malpractice coverage and who were galvanized to do something about it. The result was a unique medical malpractice liability cooperative whose core product—the Mutual Protection Trust (MPT)—provides medical professional liability protection to over 12,000 of California’s finest physicians.

As a physician, you have a thousand things to manage for your practice. We’re here to help. We protect, accelerate, and future-proof your business so that you have more time to spend with what matters most: your patients.

The Physician’s Action Guide to Reducing Risk and Improving Business

Find the solutions to common problems associated with seemingly routine tasks in your medical practice. CLICK HERE

From Exam Room to Courtroom: Lessons Learned from Real Medical Malpractice Cases

In this compilation of CAP’s popular “Case of the Month” column, you will find 10 real case studies detailing lessons learned from physicians who have been involved in medical malpractice legal disputes. CLICK HERE

The Incident: A Physician’s Guide to Navigating Adverse Outcomes, Claims, and Lawsuits

This guide, created by CAP’s Legal, Claims, and Risk Management teams, helps physicians understand how to reduce the likelihood of legal action following an adverse event and know what to expect should a claim or lawsuit occur. CLICK HERE

Physicians at Risk: An Essential Guide for Minimizing Liability in Business and Medicine

This guide helps physicians address a wide variety of risks from multiple areas of exposure that can impact your patients and your practice. CLICK HERE

Medicine on Trial: Second Edition

This popular CAP publication features real-life risk management lessons culled from more than 80 CAP litigated medical malpractice cases to help you build on practices that can improve medical outcomes and minimize risk. CLICK HERE

The Physician’s Action Guide to An Outstanding Patient Experience

Learn the concrete steps you and your staff can take to ensure that your patients would confidently recommend you and your practice to their friends. CLICK HERE

Practice Management Services

As a physician-owned organization, CAP’s top priority is ensuring the success and well-being of our members. In addition to delivering the finest medical malpractice coverage, we offer members a range of ancillary practice management programs to help you optimize the business side of practicing medicine. This comprehensive approach enables you to confidently secure needed practice management services through your trusted malpractice provider.

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