An objective means for evaluating presence or absence of soft tissue injury.

Credited with millions awarded to those in pain; Millions saved by exposing symptom magnifiers.

What is DynaROM?

DynaROM, or Dynamic Range of Motion​, is the latest in FDA cleared, Class II Diagnostic Equipment. It effectively and objectively measures the impact of soft tissue injury by documenting pain in motion. ​

This powerful tool simultaneously measures range of motion and muscle guarding – a critical measure of a patient’s level of pain. Using attached electrodes, the patient moves through various motions. These motions are graphed over a short period of time. By moving the patient, you effectively elicit measurable pain responses and guarding when soft tissue injury is present. ​

The story of DynaROM: a major paradigm shift.

Watch the video overview below.


How does dynarom surpass standard ROM?

The body’s natural defense mechanism to pain is muscle guarding. DynaROM simultaneously measures range of motion and muscle guarding to objectively document the muscle guarding component of range of motion, thus increasing the sensitivity of ROM to true soft tissue injury. Learn more about why DynaROM is preferred over traditional ROM. CPT Code 96002, 96004.

So, How has DynaROM performed in court?

March 30th, 2018: The patient was seeking $85,000 in mediation but the insurer wouldn’t budge, leading to a jury trial. The insurer, with one of the best expert witnesses on his side, was not worried. Mr. Marcarian presented the DynaROM data to the jury and in an unprecedented twist, the insurance expert, who has not only a winning reputation but also extremely high ethics, did not rebut. The jury was able to comprehend the test data in seconds, closing the trial quickly. The DynaROM data was clearly irrefutable.

​The bottom line: objective data wins over opinion. In the old days, it was opinion vs. opinion.  The doctor with the most prestigious looking CV won. Now, data is what drives the world.

How does it help Insurers? A Case study:

A patient who was injured in a work-related injury, claimed to have severe back pain but all evaluations came back completely normal, with range of motion at 68 degrees. There were no positive findings until a DynaROM exam clearly concluded that her back pain was real. She was able to receive treatment, but after 9 months her treating physician felt she was at MMI, even though she continued to complain of severe back pain. Another DynaROM exam was performed, this time showing that her treatment was successful, and her continued complaints were unfounded. When presented with the data, she confessed, “I just don’t want to go back to my job.” The DynaROM data helped her see the real problem. She called her doctor 3 months later to thank him; she got a new job and her quality of life improved dramatically. Objective data has the power to change lives in a positive way.

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