Fullscript is an online platform that helps you dispense professional-grade supplements, without the need for physical inventory.

Dispense supplements without the hassle.

Discover products

Find exactly what your patients
need, in an instant.

Recommend to patients

Provide a one-stop-shop experience
that leaves no room for errors.

Continue engagement

Send automated refill reminders and
keep track of protocol adherence.

Fullscript Platform Walkthrough

Join us as Debra Wolf, our senior account manager, walks you through the Fullscript platform.

Reduce Cost

Provide a better patient experience at no additional cost.

As an association member, you will get a hands-on demonstration of the Fullscript platform from a hand selected member of Fullscript’s on-boarding team.

Once you’re set up and you’re ready to place your first order, Fullscript will activate your account so that you and all of your patients receive free shipping on orders placed during the first 30 days.

Join FullScript for FREE

Start Your Dispensary in Minutes

1. Sign Up

Fullscript is 100% FREE and sign up is a breeze

Verify your credentials and give us a few details so you can get paid.

You’ll be done in no time!

2. Set Up Shop

Landing Page

Customize your patient landing page to match your practice’s branding. Your online dispensary will be open in seconds.


Build your own custom catalog of all your favorite products. This makes it faster and easier for both you and your patients to find the right products.

Advanced Search

Filter products based on format, dietary restrictions, strength, and other criteria that makes it faster and easier to narrow your search.

3. Start Prescribing

Personalized Prescriptions

Ensure your patients get the right products by sending prescriptions directly to your patients via email or text message (SMS).

Smart Refill Reminders

Automated refill reminders are sent to patients based on your dosage instructions for each product.

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