Integrative Medicine – Improving Outcomes While Creating Profitability

NFIM is a Non-Profit Foundation committed to finding 21st century medical solutions. Our goals are simple: safely restore your vibrant health; support transformational Research and Development (R&D); drive technology transition into clinical practice; assist practitioners with CME, education and technology options; and ultimately guide our nation back to health. We do not accept chronic illness as the normal condition for your family, your loved ones or our nation. America now ranks last in overall health of industrialized countries according to several sources. This, despite the billions we spend on health care through your taxes and insurance co-payments. The current system is focused on ‘Health Care’ rather than on ‘Health’ and we will change that.

Sadly, without rapid significant change, 18 years on the same trajectory will render many folks quite ill with chronic pain and illness.

NFIM searches globally for evidence based treatments that are safe and effective.

Our goal is to shorten the technology transition cycle from 18 to 2 years by 2027. We will guide America to becoming one of the top 5 of healthiest countries by 2030.