The Physician Contribution to Population Health

HybridChart was designed and created by Gregory P. Sanders, M.D. FACC – a practicing, Harvard-trained, board-certified cardiologist with Arizona Cardiology Group. Frustrated by the inefficiencies seen during his hospital rounding efforts and being aware of other product’s short-comings, Dr. Gregory Sanders set out to develop a Hospital Rounding Software solution from the ground up and one that other physicians would actually use.

By being a practicing Cardiologist rounding across multiple hospitals each day, managing patient diagnoses, their treatments and corresponding billings, Dr. Sanders knew exactly how to build a software solution that would ultimately make his rounding efforts easier.

Dr. Sanders spent many nights coding after completing his rounds and ultimately HybridChart was created. While the original idea was born out of personal necessity, Dr. Sanders knew the product would be coveted by any fellow medical practitioner who was just as frustrated with their rounding efforts as he had been. As a result, Dr. Sanders has partnered with Medsoft to be the exclusive distributor of HybridChart, the premier Hospital Rounding Software solution, making the product available and improving rounding efficiencies ever since.