Get to know Dr. Sanders.

As in any classic founder story, Dr. Sanders felt there was a need for a better way to round while seeing patients in various hospitals. Knowing that facesheets were archaic and inefficient, and not seeing a product that matched his needs, Dr. Sanders put his coding background to the test and began developing what would eventually become HybridChart. This was first developed as a desktop-based SaaS solution, then quickly into a smartphone mobile application.

HybridChart launched in 2016 and is now in its fourth generation (EVOLVE), boasting a host of product features and smart automation tools aimed at making a doctor’s life easier. HybridChart allows medical professionals to round at hospitals, collaborate with their team, capture charges, securely message, keep track of discharged patients – all incorporated into one robust solution.

Dr. Sanders still acts as the company’s primary Coder and Chief Operating Officer – while managing a full schedule as practicing Cardiologist, husband and father.

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