A passion for vacation homes: a better way to stay

VRBO is part of the HomeAway family, the world’s most comprehensive, trusted source for vacation rentals. We help families and friends find the perfect accommodations to enjoy their dream vacations together. The beautiful homes on our sites feature more space, privacy, and amenities than hotels, often for less than half the cost per person. We are dedicated to helping you create unforgettable experiences by staying together. That’s our promise.

Find the perfect place to stay

We want to inspire your next getaway, help you search through the world’s largest selection of vacation rentals, and easily book your dream vacation. While the actual number of properties might vary from site to site, the HomeAway family has over 1 million listings, so you’re sure to find the perfect vacation home. No matter what your destination, occasion, or budget, our family of brands can help you find the ideal property for your getaway.

A trusted name so you can book with confidence

Our sites are dedicated to providing the information and security you need to plan a great vacation. We work with the most experienced owners and managers in the business, and HomeAway guarantees every listing against fraud. We also offer secure communications and payments systems to protect your information, and in many markets, optional trip insurance as well as a carefree rental guarantee.

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How to upgrade to a whole vacation:

Choose a rental from over 2 million homes in more than 190 countries. VRBO has the perfect whole home waiting —no matter your destination, occasion or budget.


  • Enter the city, state or country where you want to go
  • Enter travel dates to get rental availability
  • Use filters and maps to narrow results

Don’t forget to create a free account

  • Save vacation rentals to your favorites list and easily share them with friends and family
  • Track all of your messages to/from owners
  • Manage booking information in one spot


Once you find the perfect vacation property, you can Book and Pay or Ask Questions

Ready to book your stay?

Once you find that perfect vacation rental, it’s easy to book and pay securely online. Listings that have a “Request to book” button allow you to immediately submit a booking request—and owners / managers have 24 hours to accept your request. When booking and paying online, always be sure to pay through VRBO checkout so that your payment is covered by our Book with Confidence Guarantee™.  Click Here to Get Started


Now that you’ve successfully booked your stay, you can easily manage and track the details of your stay by logging into your online account or by using the free VRBO mobile app to:

  • Manage communication with the property owner / manager
  • Access important details about your stay such as maps, directions, security and Wi-Fi codes
  • Write a review to share your experience with other travelers

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Vacation Rentals vs Hotels:

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