Dr. Gregory L Larivee, DCFounder, Dr. Gregg Nutrition
As an athlete, Dr. Gregg Larivee had a career-ending injury that led him into the athletic and rehabilitation field. Although his mission was to provide the very best treatment for his patients, he became disenchanted with the limitations of modern medicine and the misrepresentation of nutritional products. In his mission to find a better way, he developed ground-breaking protocols to help heal injuries faster and more effectively than any therapies currently available. Since then, Dr. Larivee has consulted and treated some of the world’s top professional athletes.

Dr. Larivee believes the best therapeutic approach to maximize healing and promote
optimal health, must include high-quality, nutritional supplementation. Nourishing the
body, especially during recovery from injury or illness, plays a vital role in the healing
process and in supporting overall health. When searching for high-quality
supplementation to aid his patients, Dr. Larivee struggled to find a product that provided a pure, whole vegetable source with no fillers, pesticides or herbicides. The answer was simple: he developed his own line of pure vegetable powders rich in micronutrients that pack a huge punch!

The Doctor Gregg line of supplements is the culmination of years of research. The
highest-quality ingredients and most innovative techniques are used to preserve key
micronutrients, for a supplement that is healthy in its purest form. Our powders provide people of all ages and physical conditions with the perfect formula needed to boost vitality, aid digestion, speed healing, and support immunity.